Mediators between State and Society
Jaar van uitgifte 1998
Nur1 680
Nur2 685
Reeks naam Publikaties FHKW Rotterdam
Status leverbaar
Taal Engels
Uitgever Verloren
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Bladzijdes 160
Redactie N. Randeraad
Reeks nummer 29
Plaats van uitgave Hilversum
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Content: U:BE BOSMA/GIJSBERT OONK, Bombay Batavia. Parsi and Eurasian Variations on the Middlemen Theme   JOOP VISSER, The politics of Mediation: Trade Unions in the Netherlands (1910-1930)   ALEX VAN STIPRIAAN, Between State and Society: Education in Suriname, 1850-1950   NICO RANDERAAD, Faces of Centralization: Prefects in Italy and Commissioners of the King in the Netherlands in the second half of the nineteenth century   LOES VAN DER VALK, Public Policy and Private Interests in Social Insurance Legislation. The Case of the United Kingdom and the Netherlands   BERT ALTENA, The State - Revolutionary Syndicalism - Mediators from below. For Arthur Lehning

Mediators between State and Society

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This collection contains seven historical studies that attempt to add dynamics to the strict, theoretical opposition between state and society. The focus selected for this purpose is brokers: people or groups that play the role of mediator between the state's apparatus and the reality of society. Central theme is how the 'dialogue' between state and society is established within a variety of social-historical contexts. The collection of studies goes beyond national borders, discussing both European and non-Western topics including trade unions and groups that were involved in the establishment of social security legislation in the various West European countries, bureaucratic vanguards in the Netherlands and Italy, ethnic minorities in India and Indonesia, and teachers in Surinam. The studies were contributed by the members of the Comparative Social History research group of the Social History department at the Faculty of Historical and Liberal Arts of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.