From Dunkirk to Danzig
Jaar van uitgifte 1988
Nur1 680
Nur2 696
Reeks naam Amsterdamse Historische Reeks GS
Status uitverkocht
Taal Engels
Tweede taal Frans
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Bladzijdes 500
Redactie W.G. Heeres e.a.
Reeks nummer 5
Plaats van uitgave Hilversum
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Contents: AD VAN DER WOUDE, Preface   J.A. FABER, Friesland and the Baltic trade   -, The grain trade, grain prices and tariff policy in the Netherlands in the second half of the seventeenth century   -, The decline of the Baltic grain-trade in the second half of the seventeenth century   -, Harlingen's foreign trade and shipping in the years 1654 and 1655   -, Shipping to the Netherlands during a turbulent period 1784-1810   -, The economic decline of the Dutch Republic in the second half of the eighteenth century and the international terms of trade   R. BAETENS, An essay on Dunkirk merchants and capital growth during the Spanish period   F.C. BERKENVELDER, Some unknown Dutch archivalia in the Gdansk (Danzig) archives   MARIA BOGUCKA, Saltpeter production and saltpeter trade between Gdansk and Amsterdam in the first half of the seventeenth century   PIET BOON, West Friesland and the Sound (1681-1720). Sound toll registers, Sound toll tables and the facts in West Friesland   DANIËLLE BOURGOIS, Les Provinces Unies, les mesures contre la peste et le commerce dans la région baltique, 1709-1715   EDMUND CIESLAK, The influence of the first partition of Poland on the overseas trade of Gdansk   C.A. DAVIDS, On the diffusion of nautical knowledge from the Netherlands to north-eastern Europe, 1550-1850   ELISABETH HARDER-GERSDORFF, Avoiding Sound traffic and Sound toll: Russian leather and tallow going west via Archangel and Narva-Lübeck (1650-1710)   W.G. HEERES, Annual values of Amsterdam's overseas imports and exports, 1697 to 1798   JÜRI KIVIMÄE, Reval-Lübeck-Amsterdam: The triangle of trade on the eve of the Livonian War (1554-1557)    P.H.J. VAN DER LAAN, The Poulle brothers of Amsterdam and the North Sea and Baltic trade, 1590-1620    C.M. LESGER, Amsterdam, Harlingen and Hoorn. Port functions in the Zuiderzee region during the middle of the seventeenth century   J. THOMAS LINBDBLAD, Structure and competition in Sweden's foreign trade 1740-1780   MICHAEL NORTH, The export trade of Royal Prussia and Ducal Prussia 1550-1650   P.C. VAN ROYEN, Foreigners aboard the Dutch merchant marine about 1700   F. SNAPPER, Commerce, ships and war in the Baltic from the rise of the Hanseatic League till the French Revolution   RICHARD W. UNGER, Brewing in the Netherlands and the Baltic grain trade   KAREL VERAGHTERT, Antwerp and the Baltic Sea during the nineteenth century   GEORGE M. WELLING, Price-Supply relations on the Amsterdam staple-market 1778   R.TH.H. WILLEMSEN, Dutch sea trade with Norway in the seventeenth century   LEO NOORDEGRAAF, Concept and acknowledgements

From Dunkirk to Danzig

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Shipping and Trade in the North Sea and the Baltic 1350-1850. Essays in honor of J.A. Faber on the occasion of his retirement as professor of Economic and Social History at the University of Amsterdam.


Joop Faber has specialized in the history of Friesland's overseas trade. Over the years he added to this a subsidiary subject, relations with Northern Germany and the Baltic. Thus the idea of presenting him with a collection of studies on this second subject to mark his retirement as Professor of Economic and Social History at Amsterdam University was both obvious and appropriate. Specialists produced articles on a wide range of economic topics, involving the history of Dutch relations of trade and industry with countries such as Sweden, Norway, Russia and Poland.