Piety in Practice and Print
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Contents: List of Tables, Maps and Illustrations   List of Abbreviations   Introduction. Inspiring Spirituality and Religious Plurality in the Late Medieval Low Countries   Editorial Note   Acknowledgements   Publications by Koen Goudriaan   I Religious Communities and Institutions: Early Hospital Developments in the Provinces of Holland, Zealand and Utrecht –  Appendix: Catalogue of Hospitals in Holland, Zealand and Utrecht until 1428   Geert Grote, On Simony to the Beguines, and Church Reform   The New Devout and their Women of Authority   Beguines and the Devotio Moderna at the Turn of the Fifteenth Century   The Religious Observance of Women Converts of St. Augustine – Appendix: Converts of the 'Outsider'-category   II The Cult of the Dead: Ownership of Graves in Medieval Parish Churches in Holland   Geert Grote: a Founder Fading into Oblivion?   III Religious Texts on the Early Printing Press: Middle Dutch Meditative Lives of Jesus on the Early Printing Press: An Exploration of the Field – Appendix I: Texts and Editions – Appendix II: Woodcuts   The Church and the Market: Vernacular Religious Works and the Early Printing Press in the Low Countries, 1477-1540   The Devotio Moderna and the Printing Press (c. 1475-1540)   The Franciscans, the Laity and the Printing Press   Bibliography   Index

'Der mit zahlreichen Statistiken und Tabellen ausgestattete Band erweckt bereits beim Durchblättern den Eindruck eines auf die Objektivität quantitativer Methoden vertrauenden Wissensschaftsstils. [...] So kann der vorliegende Band zugleich als Paradigma für eine Entwicklungsphase der historischen Sozial- und Kulturwissenschaften gelten.' Nikolaus Staubach in: Deutschen Archiv 75 (2019) 2, p. 847-848.

Gesignaleerd in: Tijdschrift voor Nederlandse Kerkgeschiedenis 20 (2017) 4, p. 144-145.

Piety in Practice and Print

Koen Goudriaan | 9789087045692
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Essays on the Late Medieval Religious Landscape.


The late Middle Ages provide us with a fascinating religious landscape. The quest for new religious ideals and intense spirituality can be observed in movements such as the Modern Devotion and the Franciscan Observance, marking the late fourteenth and fifteenth century with new institutional dynamics and the formation of a variety of religious communities. The dissemination of these new religious ideas and ideals profited from the advent of the printing press. It is these subjects that Koen Goudriaan, professor of Medieval History at VU University Amsterdam, has studied for decades. This volume, edited by Anna Dlaba?ová  and Ad Tervoort, presents a collection of eleven of his best essays. It focuses on three themes: the institutional parameters of late medieval religious movements, the cult of remembrance, and the interaction between religious movements and the early printing press. Together, these essays provide a representative sample of Goudriaan's substantial contribution to scholarship on late medieval history.